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New Vanadium CRM Launched

AMIS launches an exciting new Vanadium CRM, AMIS0501.

Contact us for more information or visit the certificates and reports section on this site to view the certificate for more technical information.

AMIS0441 Greenstone/Sulphide Au CRM Certified

AMIS0441, Greenstone/Sulphide Au CRM certified.

Au 2.5 g/t Greenstone Taylor ZA

DRC Copperbelt CRMs certified and available for sale

Two CuCo CRMs  certified and added to the AMIS Cu range:

AMIS0474 Cu 0.3% Co 26ppm Kansanshi DRC

AMIS0475 Cu 0.54% Co 46.3ppm Kansanshi DRC

List of Ta CRMs

Our range of Ta CRM continues to grow:

AMIS CRM AMIS PRODUCT LIST  (Last update: 2015/10/21) AMIS
Ta/Li CRM Li 1.43% Ta 1.40% Nb 2510ppm  Pegmatite Mt C AU AMIS0340
Ta/Li CRM Li 1612ppm Ta 177ppm Pegmatite Mt Cattlin AU AMIS0342
Ta/Li CRM Li 1682ppm Ta 43.6ppm Nb 20.3ppm Pegmatite Mt C AU AMIS0338
Ta/Li CRM Li 2.15% Ta 333ppm Nb 102ppm Pegmatite Mt C AU AMIS0339
Ta/Li CRM Li 4733ppm Ta 742ppm Pegmatite Mt Cattlin AU AMIS0341
Ta/Li CRM Li 7016ppm Ta 176ppm Pegmatite Mt Cattlin AU AMIS0343
Ta/Li CRM Li 7696ppm Ta 207ppm Pegmatite Araxa BR AMIS0355
Ta/Nb CRM Ta 163ppm Nb 1103ppm Carbonatite Epembe NA AMIS0449
Ta/Nb CRM Ta 381ppm Nb 83ppm MZ AMIS0419
Ta/Nb CRM Ta 509ppm Nb 122ppm MZ AMIS0418
Ta/Li CRM Li 1.53% Ta 3.01% Pegmatite Mt Cattlin AU AMIS0408

A new Merensky concentrate

Merensky concentrate CRM.

AMIS0458 PGM 3E 98.42g/t Merensky Conc Waterval South Africa

Li, Ta range of CRMs growing

The AMIS Li. Ta range of CRMs continues to grow. We have just certified another Li, Ta CRM

AMIS0338 Li 1700ppm Ta 40ppm Pegmatite Mt Cattlin Australia

A new Li, Ta CRM certified

We have certified a new Li, Ta CRM.

AMIS0408 Li 1.53% Ta 3.01% Pegmatite Mt Cattlin Australia.


Growing range of Cr CRM's

AMIS0394, source material produced from smelting ferrochrome alloy LG6 and UG2 chromite ore concentrates.

AMIS0394 Cr 47.58% LX Witkop Bushveld South Africa 

Li and Ta certified in a Pegmatitic ore.

AMIS0339 Li 2.15% Ta 333ppm Nb 102ppm Pegmatite Mt Catl.Australia.

A new Platreef CRM certified preliminary

PGM 4E 5.17 g/t Platreef South Africa

A new addition to our growing range of TaNb CRM's

AMIS0419, a TaNb CRM, originating from Mozambique,  has been certified.

AMIS0419 Ta 381 ppm Nb 83 ppm Mozambique.