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Cu 1.94% Co 1436ppm oxide Mashitu CD

Category: BASE METALS 
Product Code: AMIS 0348

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AMIS0348 Cu 1.94% Co 1436ppm oxide Kakanda DRC

Origin of Material: AMIS0348 was made using Copper-Cobalt sulphide and mixed oxideand sulphide ore from the Kakanda Nord and Kakanda Sud projects, operated by BOSS Mining.The latter is a Joint Venture between the Central African Mining and Exploration Company (CAMEC), owned by Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (Africa) (ENRC), and the parastatal
mining company GECAMINES. The Kakanda project is in the Katanga Province, 50km north west of Likasi, 160km northwest of the regional capital Lubumbashi and 95km east of Kolwezi, in the DRC. The Kakanda deposit is hosted by sedimentary rocks of the Neoproterozoic Katangan sequence developed within the Lufilian Arc in the Central African Copperbelt. Mineralisation is generally hosted within the dolomitic shales and argillites of the Mines Series.

Mineral and Chemical Composition: The main economic mineralogy comprises  malachite and heterogenite with subordinate chrysocolla and kolwezite. Deeper holes have intersected chalcocite, bornite, chalcopyrite, sphaerocobaltite and carrolite.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)

Certified Concentrations

Co F               1436 ± 139 ppm
Co M/ICP         1399 ± 121 ppm
Co P               1395 ± 112 ppm
Cu F                1.943 ± 0.114 %
Cu M/ICP         1.915 ± 0.094 %
Cu P                1.932 ± 0.114 %
Specific Gravity 2.82 ± 0.10 

Provisional Concentration

Cu Soluble ppm 0.970 ± 0.138 %


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gram = 1 gram




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