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Ni 0.2% Cu 0.15% 3E 0.85g/t Tati BW

Category: BASE METALS 
Product Code: AMIS 0329

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AMIS0329, Nickel-copper, sulphide, 2150 ppm Ni, 1506 ppm Cu, Tati, Botswana

Origin of Material: AMIS0329 was provided by the Tati Nickel Mining Company, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel Africa (Pty) Ltd., from the Phoenix open pit mine in Eastern Botswana. The mine is situated approximately 25 km southwest of Francistown. The deposit occurs in mafic intrusive rocks in the Tati Greenstone Belt of the Rhodesian Craton.

Mineral and Chemical Composition: Nickel-copper mineralization occurs in metasomatised feldspathic amphibolites intruded by pegmatites and granites. Mineralisation is in the form of massive sulphide lenses with secondary thin mineralized fractures into the country rock. The primary sulphide is pyrrhotite with lesser pentlandite, chalcopyrite and minor spalerite. Uncertified trace element data is provided as an appendix to this certificate.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)

Certified Concentrations

Pt Pb Collection               0.27 ± 0.02 g/t
Pd Pb Collection              0.55 ± 0.05 g/t
Cu M/ICP                       1506 ± 74 ppm
Cu P                             1475 ± 103 ppm
Cu XRF                          1421 ± 115 ppm
Ni M/ICP                        2150 ± 229 ppm
Ni P                              2025 ± 138 ppm
Ni XRF                           2135 ± 249 ppm
Specific Gravity               2.94 ± 0.12

Provisional Concentrations

Au Pb Collection           0.034 ± 0.010 g/t
Co M/ICP                    93 ± 16 ppm
Co P                          76 ± 10 ppm
Co XRF                       93 ± 23 ppm


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