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Certificates: Depleted Stock


AMIS0148 PGM 4E 3.590g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0150 PGM 4E 152 g/t, Concentrate, Two Rivers, South Africa

AMIS0151 Platinum, UG2, 8.924 g/t 4E, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0154 U 700ppm, Alaskite, Rossing, Namibia

AMIS0155 U 420ppm, Alaskite, Rossing, Namibia

AMIS0156 U 210ppm, Alaskite, Rossing, Namibia

AMIS0159, Copper Cobalt oxide ore, 1.043 % Cu, 1675 ppm Co, Tenke Fungurume, DRC

AMIS0159, Copper Cobalt oxide ore, 1.043 % Cu, 1675 ppm Co, Tenke Fungurume, DRC

AMIS0159, Copper Cobalt oxide ore, 1.043 % Cu, 1675 ppm Co, Tenke, DRC

AMIS0160 Copper Cobalt oxide, 2.06% Cu, 3.16% Co, Mukondo, DRC

AMIS0161 Copper Cobalt oxide, 4542 ppm Cu, 1.55% Co, Mukondo, DRC

AMIS0162 Copper Cobalt oxide, 2586 ppm Cu, 9604 ppm Co, Mukondo, DRC

AMIS0163, Copper Cobalt oxide ore, 2.754 % Cu, 2791 ppm Co, Tenke Fungurume, DRC

AMIS0163, Copper Cobalt oxide, 2.754 % Cu, 2791 ppm Co, Tenke, DRC

AMIS0164, Platinum concentrate, 4E = 56.68 g/t, Platreef, South Africa

AMIS0166 Blank silica chips

AMIS0167 Gold uranium, Au 10.60 g/t, U 391 ppm, Witwatersrand, South Africa

AMIS0168 Platinum concentrate 4E 208.4g/t, UG2 SA

AMIS0169 Glacial tillite soil for MMI, Canada

AMIS0170 Platinum Platreef Ore, 1.675 g/t 4E, Northern Limb, South Africa

AMIS0171 Platinum concentrate, Merensky, 107.4 g/t 4E, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0173 Au 0.27 g/t, greenstone, Geita Mine, Tanzania

AMIS0174 Au 2.13 g/t, greenstone, Geita, Tanzania

AMIS0175 Au 0.50 g/t, Greenstone, Geita, Tanzania

AMIS0176 Au 1.50 g/t, Greenstone, Geita Mine, Tanzania

AMIS0178 Porphyry Gold Ore, Au 1.70 g/t, Ag 0.52 g/t, Colosa, Colombia

AMIS0179 Porphyry Gold Ore, Au 0.55 g/t, Ag 0.59 g/t, Colosa, Colombia

AMIS0180 Porphyry Gold Ore, Au 3.14 g/t, Ag 0.70 g/t, Colosa, Colombia

AMIS0181 Porphyry Gold Ore, Au 1.39 g/t, Ag 0.63 g/t, Colosa, Colombia

AMIS0182 Porphyry Gold Ore, Au 0.55 g/t, Ag 0.39 g/t, Colosa, Colombia

AMIS0183 Au 2.78 g/t, Ag 0.57 g/t, Porphyry, Colosa, Colombia

AMIS0184 Gold uranium, Au 14.28 g/t, U 740 ppm, Witwatersrand, South Africa

AMIS0191 Au 10.60 g/t, U 391 ppm, Witwatersrand, South Africa

AMIS0192 PGM 4E 14.51 g/t, Merensky, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0193 Platinum concentrate, 71.97 g/t 4E, Merensky, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0203 Au 16.26g/t U510ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0207 Platinum, UG2, 4E 4.12 g/t, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0208 Au 1.38g/t U 58ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0210 Gold uranium, Au 1.26 g/t, U 144 ppm, Witwatersrand, South Africa

AMIS0211 Gold, carbonate matrix, 0.62 g/t Au, Navachab, Namibia

AMIS0213 Au 1.38g/t, Greenstone, North Mara, Tanzania

AMIS0214 Au 1.68g/t, Greenstone, North Mara, Tanzania

AMIS0217 Au 1.31g/t Greenstone North Mara Tanzania

AMIS0218 Au 7.35 g/t, Ag 9.1 g/t, Greenstone, Geita Mine,Tanzania

AMIS0219 Au 0.67 g/t Au, Greenstone, Geita, Tanzania

AMIS0220 Au 1.38 g/t, Greenstone, Geita Mine,Tanzania

AMIS0221 Au 1.14 g/t, Greenstone, Geita, Tanzania

AMIS0222 Au 5.01 g/t, Cu 6832 ppm, Greenstone, Bulyanhulu, Tanzania

AMIS0228 Au 5.03 g/t, Greenstone, Ahafo, Ghana

AMIS0228 Au 5.03g/t Birimian Ghana

AMIS0229 Au 2.02 g/t, Greenstone, Ahafo, Ghana

AMIS0230 Au 0.242 g/t, Greenstone, Ahafo, Ghana

AMIS0231 Au 0.68 g/t, Greenstone, Ahafo, Ghana

AMIS0232 Au 3.29 g/t, Tarkwaian, Damang, Ghana

AMIS0233 Au 1.41 g/t, Tarkwaian, Damang, Ghana

AMIS0234 Au 0.229 g/t, Tarkwaian, Damang, Ghana

AMIS0235 Au 0.67 g/t, Tarkwaian, Tarkwa, Ghana

AMIS0236 Au 1.69 g/t, Tarkwaian, Tarkwa, Ghana

AMIS0237 Gold, Tarkwaian quartz pebble conglomerate, 0.447 g/t Au, Tarkwa, Ghana

AMIS0238 Au 0.347 g/t, Tarkwaian, Tarkwa, Ghana

AMIS0244 Au 6.77g/t U 331ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0245 Au 88.42g/t, U 505ppm, Witwatersrand, South Africa

AMIS0246 Cu 1.75%, Co 1973 ppm, oxide, Kinsevere, DRC

AMIS0252 PGM 4E 5.25g/t UG2 West Limb South Africa

AMIS0253 Platinum, UG2, 4E 7.372 g/t, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0254,PGM 4E 3.67g/t, Merensky,Bushveld Complex,South Africa

AMIS0255 PGM 4E 4.12 g/t,Merensky,SA

AMIS0256 Platinum, Merensky, 4E 7.98 g/t, Western Limb, South Africa

AMIS0257 PGM 4E 3.06g/t UG2 West Limb South Africa

AMIS0258 Au 3.36 g/t, lateritic, Siguiri, Guinea

AMIS0259 Au 0.88 g/t, lateritic, Siguiri, Guinea

AMIS0261 Au 1.12 g/t, Greenstone, Syama, Mali

AMIS0262 Au 1.84 g/t, Greenstone, Syama, Mali

AMIS0265 Ag 44.4 g/t, Au 0.57 g/t, epithermal, Guanajuato, Mexico

AMIS0266 Ag 93 g/t, Au 2.36 g/t, epithermal, Guanajuato, Mexico

AMIS0267 Ag 904 ppm, Au 9.05 g/t, epithermal, Guanajuato, Mexico

AMIS0268 Gold, Silver, epithermal, Guanajuato, Mexico

AMIS0269 Ag 40 g/t, Au 0.23 g/t, epithermal, Guanajuato, Mexico

AMIS0272 Ag 110 g/t, Au 1.22 g/t, Palmerejo, Mexico

AMIS0274 Ag 323 g/t, Au 3.31 g/t, epithermal, Palmarejo, Mexico

AMIS0277 PGM 4E 3.18 g/t,Platreef,South Africa

AMIS0278 Platinum, Platreef, 4E 4.2 g/t, Northern Limb, South Africa

AMIS0283, Multi element Au 0.092% Pd 0.49% Pt 0.82 Sudbury Canada

AMIS0284 Au 1.03 g/t, Cu 2116 ppm, Greenstone, Sabodala, Senegal

AMIS0285 Au 0.38g/t Cu 528ppm Greenstone Senegal

AMIS0285 Au 0.38g/t Cu 528ppm Greenstone Senegal

AMIS0286 Au 0.67 g/t, Greenstone, Sabodala, Senegal

AMIS0287 Au 1.03 g/t, Greenstone, Sabodala, Senegal

AMIS0288 Au 1.66g/t Greenstone Sabodala Senegal

AMIS0289 Co 20% Cu 1.5% Conc Ruashi Zambia

AMIS0297 Cu 23% Ag 354ppm Au 2.18g/t Marcapunta Norte Peru

AMIS0298 Cu 15.65% Ag 346ppm Au 17.88g/t Chelopech Bulgaria

AMIS0299 Gold, Uranium, Witwatersrand, 0.36 g/t Au, 40 ppm U, Free State Goldfield, South Africa

AMIS0300 Copper cobalt, sedimentary copper ore, 0.5% Cu, 0.03% Co, Tenke-Fungurume, DRC

AMIS0301 Copper cobalt, sedimentary copper ore, 1.15% Cu, 0.21% Co, Tenke-Fungurume, DRC

AMIS0302 Gold, uranium, 4.47 g/t Au, 178 ppm U, Witwatersrand, South Africa

AMIS0303 Au 8.78g/t U 339ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0305 Blank silica chips

AMIS0307 Au 0.43g/t U 82ppm Tailings Witwatersrand South Africa

AMIS0308 Au 0.095g/t U 16.1ppm Wits South Africa

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