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Certificates: Depleted Stock


AMIS0309 Au 0.96g/t Cu 1406 ppm Greenstone Buzwagi Tanzania

AMIS0310 Au 1.03g/t Cu 1399ppm Greenstone Buzwagi Tanzania

AMIS0311 Au 102g/t Cu 23.25% greenstone conc Buzwagi Tanzania

AMIS0312 Au 4.0g/t Cu 8104ppm Greenstone Buzwagi Tanzania

AMIS0313 Au 0.52g/t Cu 1168 ppm Greenstone Buzwagi Tanzania

AMIS0325 4E PGM 4.55g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0326 PGM 4E 2.54g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0327, Platinum concentrate, UG2, 4E 135.4 g/t, Eastern Limb, South Africa

AMIS0328 PGM 4E 3.75g/t Merensky South Africa

AMIS0332 Au 1.29g/t Greenstone Geita Tanzania

AMIS0333 Au 3.73g/t Greenstone Geita Tanzania

AMIS0334 Au 3.07g/t Greenstone Geita TZ

AMIS0335 Au 3.83g/t Greenstone Geita Tanzania

AMIS0337 Au 0.66g/t Siliceous Navachab Namibia

AMIS0340 Li 1.430% Ta 14020ppm Pegmatite Mt C Australia

AMIS0343 Li 0.715% Ta 176ppm Pegmatite Mt Cattlin Australia

AMIS0350 Blank Silica Powder

AMIS0351 Au 0.25 g/t Epithermal Masbate Gold Mine Philippines

AMIS0352 Au 0.45g/t Epithermal Masbate Philippines

AMIS0353 Au 2.02g/t Epithermal Masbate Philippines

AMIS0357 Cu 2.5% Co 8885ppm oxide Mukondo/Kakanda DRC

AMIS0366 Sb 2.51% Au 0.71g/t,Greenstone Cons Murch South Africa

AMIS0367 PGM 4E 2.94g/t Merensky South Africa

AMIS0369 Au 26.36g/t U 1340ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0395 PGM 4E 1.2g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0396 PGM 4E 1.8g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0398 Cu 5261ppm sulphide Copperbelt Zambia

AMIS0401 Au 6.54g/t silicate Skarn Navachab Namibia

AMIS0405 Blank Silica Chips

AMIS0411 PGM 4E 1.317g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0412 Au 5.74g/t U 207ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0413 PGM 4E 0.711g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0414 PGM 4E 3.922g/t Merensky South Africa

AMIS0415 Blank Silica Powder

AMIS0416 PGM 4E 2.76g/t UG2 Western Limb South Africa

AMIS0416 PGM 4E 2.76g/t UG2 Western Limb South Africa

AMIS0439 Blank Silica Chips

AMIS0467 Au 9.10g/t U 200ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0473 Au 0.41g/t Greenstone GEN

AMIS0485 Au 116.8g/t U 8932ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0490 Au 18.1g/t U 1969ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0491 Au 1.56g/t Greenstone Geita Tanzania

AMIS0492 Au 4.00g/t Greenstone Geita Tanzania

AMIS0495 Au 0.77g/t Greenstone Nyankanga Tanzania

AMIS0503 Au 5.48g/t U 206ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0539 Au 4.49 g/t U 326 ppm Wits South Africa

Please note that the AMIS Proficiency Reports are available for viewing and download to registered laboratories only. To view the AMIS Proficiency Reports please login.

To request access to the Proficiency Reports please contact Jumien.