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Certificates: Products in Stock


AMIS0380 Multi element Au 16.85% Cu 48.23% Fe 14.89% IOCG Australia

AMIS0381 Multi element Au 0.288% Cu 0.70% Fe 16.29% IOCG Australia

AMIS0382 Multi element Au 0.290% Cu 0.910% Fe 30.05% IOCG Australia

AMIS0383 Multi element Au 18.42% Cu 46.47% Fe 16.32% IOCG Australia

AMIS0384 Ni 2.16% Cu 1.03% Co 0.12% Ultramafic Australia

AMIS0385 Ni 1.77% Cu 0.96% Co 0.09% Ultramafic Australia

AMIS0387 Cr 19.78% 3E 1.117g/t LG6 Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0388 Cr 27.06% 3E 0.559g/t LG6 Lumpy Ore Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0389 Cr 3.92% 3E 0.164g/t LG6 Lumpy Waste Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0390 Cr 31.31% LG6 Foundry Grade Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0391 Cr 10.30% 3E 0.164g/t LG6 Tails Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0392 Cr 51% LYD GX Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0394 Cr 47.58% LX Witkop Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0397 Cu 3143ppm sulphide Copperbelt Zambia

AMIS0399 Cu 1.014% mixed oxide sulphide Copperbelt Zambia

AMIS0402 Mn 43.97% oxide Kalahari South Africa

AMIS0403 Mn 46.82% oxide Kalahari South Africa

AMIS0404 Mn 46.04% oxide Kalahari South Africa

AMIS0406 Mn 32.27% Mamatwan Kalahari South Africa

AMIS0407 Mn 35.72% Mamatwan Kalahari South Africa

AMIS0408 Li 1.60% Ta 30100ppm Pegmatite Mt Cattlin Australia

AMIS0409 Cu 34.39% Ag 544ppm conc Kalahari Copperbelt Botswana

AMIS0410 Cu 1.713% oxide Copperbelt Zambia

AMIS0417 Cu 3.845% Co 5344ppm Oxide Tenke DRC

AMIS0420 Cu 5829ppm Au 0.41g/t Carbonatite Palabora South Africa

AMIS0421 Cu 15.88% Ag 67.1g/t Au 26.31g/t Chelopech Bulgaria

AMIS0422 Cu 23.25% Ag 365g/t Au 3.47g/t Marcapunte Norte Peru

AMIS0423 Cu 8207ppm Au 0.122g/t Carbonatite Palabora South Africa

AMIS0424 Cu 1.145% Au 0.100g/t Carbonatite Palabora South Africa

AMIS0425 Cu 2.28% Oxide Kansanshi Zambia

AMIS0425 Cu 2.28% Oxide Kansanshi Zambia

AMIS0428 Au 43.42g/t U 1320ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0429 Au 22.93g/t U 722ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0430 Au 2.68g/t U 113ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0432 Au 0.36g/t Greenstone GEN

AMIS0433 Cu 158ppm Co 20ppm Au 14ppb Ferralsol Soil Zambia

AMIS0434 Cu 315ppm Co 54.4ppm Au 8.4ppb Ferralsol Soil DRC

AMIS0440 Au 1.74g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0441 Au 2.44 g/t Greenstone Taylor South Africa

AMIS0442 PGM 4E 5.17g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0443 PGM 4E 1.96g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0447 98% Cu Reference Material NA

AMIS0448 PGM 3E 5.189g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0449 Ta 163ppm Nb 1103ppm Carbonatite Epembe Namibia

AMIS0450 PGM 3E 4.95g/t Merensky South Africa

AMIS0454 Ti 37.14% Fe 37.14% Ilmenite South Africa

AMIS0455 Au 52.24g/t U 3593ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0460 Au 35.7g/t U 1604ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0461 Limestone CaO 48.31% MgO 0.833% South Africa

AMIS0465 Au 14.8g/t U 249ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0466 Au 42.4g/t U 3424ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0474 Cu 0.3% Co 26ppm Kansanshi DRC

AMIS0475 Cu 0.54% Co 46.3ppm Kansanshi DRC

AMIS0475 Cu 0.54% Co 46.3ppm Kansanshi DRC

AMIS0484 Blank Silica Powder

AMIS0486 PGM 4E 4.16 g/t Merensky South Africa

AMIS0487 PGM 4E 5.25 g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0498 PGM 4E 3.88g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0499 PGM 4E 4.88 g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0500 PGM 4E 2.20g/t Platreef South Africa

AMIS0501 V 0.97% Vanadium Mapochs South Africa

AMIS0504 PGM 4E 5.22g/t UG2 South Africa

AMIS0515 Au 0.51 g/t U 14.2 ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0516 PGM 4E 4.14g/t UG2 West Limb South Africa

AMIS0518 PGM 4E 50.44 g/t Platreef Conc South Africa

AMIS0520 MgO 38.64% SiO2 36.68% Serpentine Ultramafic Swaziland

AMIS0523 Au 0.078g/t U 10ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0524 Li 0.73% Ta 5.0 ppm Pegmatite South Africa

AMIS0525 Au 8.04g/t U 377ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0526 Au 1.03 g/t Greenstone Golden Pride Tanzania

AMIS0530 PGM 4E 3.08g/t UG2 Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0533 Mn 18.37% Fe 0.634% Sakura Ferro-Alloy Malaysia

AMIS0534 PGM 4E 122g/t UG2 Conc South Africa

AMIS0535 Mn 20.4% Fe 0.53% Sakura Ferro-Alloy Malaysia

AMIS0536 Mn 20.2% Fe 1.20% Sakura Ferro-Alloy Malaysia

AMIS0537 Au 7.04 g/t U 518ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0538 Au 11.7g/t U 534 ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0540 Au 5.05g/t U 242ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0541Au 3.16g/t U 97ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0542 Au 1.21g/t U 98ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0547 Dolomite CaO 25.1% MgO 16.8% South Africa

AMIS0553 Au 26.75g/t U 660 ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0554 Au 7.88g/t U 115ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0556 Cr2O3 44.2% Norite & Feldspathic Pyroxenite South Africa

AMIS0557 Cr2O3 44.1% Norite & Feldspathic Pyroxenite South Africa

AMIS0558 Au 5.45 g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0559 Au 12.01 Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0560 Au 1.71 g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0561 Kyanite Al2O3 20.2% SiO2 67.4% USA

AMIS0562 Cu 3011 ppm Au 0.050 g/t Carbonatite Palabora South Africa

AMIS0563 Cu 5071 ppm Au 0.051 g/t Carbonatite Palabora South Africa

AMIS0564 Cu 1.41% Au 0.12 g/t Carbonatite Palabora South Africa

AMIS0565 Li 0.54% Ta 46ppm Pegmatite Rubicon NA

AMIS0566 Cu 21% Au 17.17g/t Conc Didipio Philippines

AMIS0567 Fe 21.98% Ti 2.98% V 3763 ppm Vanadium Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0568 Fe 46.36% V 7762pp Magnetite Bushveld South Africa

AMIS0569 Au 0.271 g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0570 Au 0.860 g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0571 Au 0.592 g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0572 Au 0.773g/t Greenstone South Africa

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