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Certificates: Products in Stock


AMIS0573 Au 1.06g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0574 Au 3.47g/t Greenstone South Africa

AMIS0577 Blank Silica Powder

AMIS0591 Cr 31.98 % ultramafic Great Dyke Zimbabwe

AMIS0592 Cr 10.02 % ultramafic Great Dyke Zimbabwe

AMIS0593 Cu 405 ppm Au 0.144 g/t Tails Didipio Philippines

AMIS0597 Fe 59.66% Sishen South Africa

AMIS0598 Fe 51.75% ROM Sishen South Africa

AMIS0599 Fe 63.64% Lump Ore Sishen South Africa

AMIS0600 TiO2 85.17% Chloride Slag South Africa

AMIS0601 TiO2 55.77% Ilmenite Mineral Sands South Africa

AMIS0602 TiO2 90.62% Rutile Mineral Sands South Africa

AMIS0603 Li 2.69% Ta 134 ppm Pegmatite Canada

AMIS0604 Au 0.51g/t Cu 182 ppm Navachab Namibia

AMIS0604 Au 0.51g/t Cu 182 ppm Navachab Namibia

AMIS0605 Au 0.78 g/t Cu 466 ppm Navachab Namibia

AMIS0616 TiO2 42.82% Mineral Sands Australia

AMIS0617 TiO2 85.51% Synthetic Rutile Australia

AMIS0618 Pb 69.85% Black Mountain Aggeneys South Africa

AMIS0619 Cu 24.80% Black Mountain Aggeneys South Africa

AMIS0620 Zn 49.95% Black Mountain Aggeneys South Africa

AMIS0621 Cu 3.98% Co 3082 ppm oxide Kinserve DRC

AMIS0622 Cu 3.30% Co 1685ppm oxide Kinsevere DRC

AMIS0623 Cu 3.10% Co 1413 ppm oxide Kinserve DRC

AMIS0624 Cu 4.15% Co 898ppm oxide Kinsevere DRC

AMIS0629 Sn 0.17% Li 0.22% Uis Tin Namibia

AMIS0632 Cu 0.41% Co 211ppm Kalumbila Zambia

AMIS0633 Cu 0.12% Co 301ppm Kalumbila Zambia

AMIS0637 Ni 0.15% Cu 0.25% Bushveld Nkomati South Africa

AMIS0644 Au 0.151g/t U 58ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0645 Au 0.162g/t U 49ppm Wits South Africa

AMIS0681 Blank Silica Chips

Please note that the AMIS Proficiency Reports are available for viewing and download to registered laboratories only. To view the AMIS Proficiency Reports please login.

To request access to the Proficiency Reports please contact Jumien.