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Au 0.162g/t U 49ppm Wits South Africa

Product Code: AMIS 0645

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AMIS0645 Au 0.162g/t U 49ppm Wits South Africa

Analytical and Physical Methods

A complete list of analytical and physical methods as generic method codes with a brief description of the methods is available on the AMIS web site

Origin of Material

This standard is made from uranium bearing gold ore originating from the Ventersdorp, Contact Reef, Carbon Leader Reef and Vaal Reef. The uranium bearing ore was blended with low grade material of similar matrix to obtain the required grade.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)
Certified Concentrations

Analyte Method Certified (µ)8 Unit
Au Pb Collection1 0.162 g/t
U 4A_MICP2 49 ppm
LOI LOI3 2.18 %
SG SG4 2.73 Dimensionless
S Combustion/LECO5 0.48 %
S 4A_MICP 0.50 %
Al 4A_MICP 4.33 %
Al FUS6 4.24 %
As 4A_MICP 82 ppm
Ba 4A_MICP 224 ppm
Be 4A_MICP 0.9 ppm
Bi 4A_MICP 0.7 ppm
Ca 4A_MICP 4250 ppm
Ca FUS 3788 ppm
Cd 4A_MICP 0.3 ppm
Ce 4A_MICP 74 ppm
Co 4A_MICP 31 ppm
Cs 4A_MICP 2 ppm
Cu 4A_MICP 54 ppm
Cu FUS 50 ppm
Dy 4A_MICP 2 ppm
Er 4A_MICP 1 ppm
Fe FUS 1.88 %
Ga 4A_MICP 10 ppm
Gd 4A_MICP 3 ppm
Hf 4A_MICP 3 ppm
K 4A_MICP 9453 ppm
K FUS 9279 ppm
La 4A_MICP 36 ppm
Li 4A_MICP 8 ppm
Lu 4A_MICP 0.1 ppm
Mg 4A_MICP 2120 ppm
Mg FUS 2094 ppm
Mn 4A_MICP 408 ppm
Mn FUS 414 ppm
Mo 4A_MICP 3 ppm
Na 4A_MICP 1229 ppm
Nb 4A_MICP 5 ppm
Nd 4A_MICP 26 ppm
Ni 4A_MICP 77 ppm
P 4A_MICP 144 ppm
Pb 4A_MICP 68 ppm
Pr 4A_MICP 7 ppm
Rb 4A_MICP 41 ppm
Sb 4A_MICP 3 ppm
Sm 4A_MICP 4 ppm
Sn 4A_MICP 1 ppm
Sr 4A_MICP 42 ppm
Ta 4A_MICP 0.7 ppm
Tb 4A_MICP 0.4 ppm
Th 4A_MICP 20 ppm
Ti 4A_MICP 1157 ppm
Ti FUS 1668 ppm
Tl 4A_MICP 0.4 ppm
V 4A_MICP 33 ppm
Y 4A_MICP 9 ppm
Yb 4A_MICP 1 ppm
Zn 4A_MICP 117 ppm
Zn FUS 112 ppm
Zr 4A_MICP 107 ppm


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