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Au 7.04 g/t U 518ppm Wits South Africa

Product Code: AMIS 0537

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AMIS0537 Au 7.04 g/t U 518ppm Wits South Africa

Origin of Material

This standard is made from uranium bearing gold ore originating from the Ventersdorp, Contact Reef, Carbon Leader Reef and Vaal Reef. The uranium bearing ore was blended with low grade material of similar matrix to obtain the required grade.

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition

Throughout the Witwatersrand, gold ores occur in sheets or reefs originally deposited horizontally under water. The thickness of the reefs range between a lie of grit to several meters, with an average of 300mm. The sediments were also intersected by dykes and sills of dolomite, diabase and syenite intruding existing faults. The reefs can be in the form of either course conglomerates, rock pebbles and cemented in a silicate matrix. Pebbles usually derived from vein quarts, may also consist of quarzitic, chert jasper and quartz porphyry. The matrix consists of pure silica, but also contains minute flakes of muscovite and pyrophyllite as well as visible pyrite and other sulphides. The gold is usually confined to the matrix and tends to be concentrated along bedding planes

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)

Certified Concentrations

Analyte Method Certified (µ) Two Standard Deviation
Au Pb Collection1 7.04 0.29 g/t
U XRF2 518 88 ppm
U3O8 XRF2 0.061 0.01 %
LOI LOI3 1.98 0.28 %
S Combustion/LECO4 0.844 0.10 %
SG SG5 2.74 0.042 Dimensionless
Al 4A_MICP6 3.76 0.22 %
As 4A_MICP6 149 13 ppm
Ba 4A_MICP6 230 18 ppm
Be 4A_MICP6 1 0.3 ppm
Ca 4A_MICP6 1155 244 ppm
Co 4A_MICP6 41 4 ppm
Cu 4A_MICP6 46 7 ppm
Fe 4A_MICP6 1.51 0.088 %
K 4A_MICP6 1.11 0.054 %
Li 4A_MICP6 5 0.2 ppm
Mg 4A_MICP6 2670 442 ppm
Mn 4A_MICP6 123 7 ppm
Mo 4A_MICP6 3 0.6 ppm
Na 4A_MICP6 917 163 ppm
Ni 4A_MICP6 127 6 ppm
P 4A_MICP6 105 17 ppm
Pb 4A_MICP6 242 35 ppm
S 4A_MICP6 0.832 0.024 %
Sc 4A_MICP6 4 1 ppm
Sr 4A_MICP6 29 6 ppm
U 4A_MICP6 493 15 ppm
V 4A_MICP6 28 5 ppm
Y 4A_MICP6 24 5 ppm
Zn 4A_MICP6 56 11 ppm


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