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Au 0.100g/t Cu 211ppm Quartz-Carbonate Namibia

Category: GOLD 
Product Code: AMIS 0638

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AMIS0638 Au 0.100g/t Cu 211ppm Quartz-Carbonate Namibia

Origin of Material

The material for this standard was sourced from the Otjikoto Gold Mine owned by B2Gold Namibia. The Otjikoto Gold deposit is located within the Damara Mobile Belt, which forms part of the Pan-African Mobile Belt system. The Otjikoto Gold mine is located about 300 km north of Windhoek, in Otjozondjupa province, in Namibia.

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition

The Otjikoto project is located within the Neoproterozoic Damara mobile belt, which forms part of the Pan–African mobile belt system. The deposit falls under the general classification of an orogenic gold deposit and occurs in a similar stratigraphic position as the Navachab gold mine deposit. The Otjikoto deposit lithology has been divided into three principal mineralized lithostratigraphic units, from top to base, the OTC, OTB, and OTA. The OTC albitite-hornfels unit hosts most of the mineralised vein system and is underlain by a distinct marker horizon, the unmineralised OTB calcitic marble. Gold in the main Otjikoto deposit is hosted by a north-north-east-striking sheeted sulphide (+ magnetite) –quartz and carbonate vein system. Gold occurs within the vein system as coarse native gold with a size variation from 5microns to 4000 microns. It occurs adjacent to and within sulphides, garnets on the edges of amphiboles and chlorite, as free gold in quartz and carbonates.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)
Certified Concentrations

Analyte Method Certified (µ)7 (2s)9 ± Unit
Au Pb Collection1 0.100 0.0151 g/t
Pd Pb Collection 0.055 0.00697 g/t
Pt Pb Collection 0.101 0.0266 g/t
C Combustion/LECO2 2.27 0.12 %
S Combustion/LECO 1.11 0.10 %
S 4A_MICP3 1.16 0.073 %
SG SG4 2.85 0.23 Dimensionless
Al 4A_MICP 6.78 0.48 %
Be 4A_MICP 0.7 0.06 ppm
Ca 4A_MICP 4.13 0.21 %
Co 4A_MICP 19 7 ppm
Cr 4A_MICP 211 35 ppm
Cu 4A_MICP 211 19 ppm
Fe 4A_MICP 5.78 0.41 %
Fe FUS5 5.93 0.22 %
Ga 4A_MICP 19 2 ppm
La 4A_MICP 31 4 ppm
Mg 4A_MICP 1.81 0.11 %
Mg FUS 1.90 0.06 %
Mn 4A_MICP 1056 81 ppm
Na 4A_MICP 5.07 0.23 %
Ni 4A_MICP 73 7 ppm
P 4A_MICP 747 43 ppm
Pb 4A_MICP 94 16 ppm
Sb 4A_MICP 10 2 ppm
Sc 4A_MICP 14 1 ppm
Si FUS 25.09 1.4 %
Sr 4A_MICP 73 5 ppm
Ti 4A_MICP 4033 183 ppm
Ti FUS 4115 208 ppm
V 4A_MICP 162 14 ppm
Zn 4A_MICP 115 12 ppm
Zr 4A_MICP 125 6 ppm


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gram = 1 gram




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