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Au 2.94g/t As 7951ppm Taylor Greenstone ZA

Category: GOLD 
Product Code: AMIS 0360

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AMIS0360 Au 2.94g/t As 7951ppm Greenstone Taylor South Africa

Origin of Material: The material for AMIS0360 was provided by Vantage Goldfields from Taylors Mine section of the Barbrook Mine. Barbrook is located 25 kilometres east north east of the town of Barberton in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. The mine is situated in the Archaean Barberton Greenstone Belt. Gold is contained in mesothermal veins associated with late tectonic shears and fractures within rocks of the Barberton Supergroup, which comprises an assortment of ultramafic and mafic submarine volcanics, turbiditic greywacke sandstones and shales. Intense shearing, massive quartz veining, silicification of BIF and sulphide enrichment characterize the larger ore bodies. In the Barbrook area shearing has been focused along two lines, the Barbrook and Zwartkoppie.

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition: The Taylors ore body is on the Barbrook line and comprises 900 metres of disjointed orebodies aligned along E-W trending shear zones within a BIF unit. The BIF is bounded by greywacke’s. Gold-bearing fluids migrated along major feeder fractures into zones where fluid reaction with the iron-rich host rock resulted in sulphide mineralization and gold precipitation. Gold is associated with disseminated pyrite, pyrhotite and arsenopyrite, and to lesser extent base metal sulphides.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)

Certified Concentrations

Au Pb Collection 2.94 ± 0.14 g/t
Ag M/ICP  10.0 ± 1.3 ppm
As M/ICP  7951 ± 877 ppm
Cu M/ICP  577 ± 48 ppm
Specific Gravity 3.05 ± 0.12 

Provisional Concentrations

Ni M/ICP  358 ± 61 ppm
Zn M/ICP  1786 ± 329 ppm


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gram = 1 gram




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