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Multi- element MgO 38.64% SiO2 36.68% Serpentine Ultramafic SZ

Product Code: AMIS 0520

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AMIS0520 MgO 38.64% SiO2 36.68% Serpentine Ultramafic Swaziland

Origin of Material
The Havelock ultramafic complex is one of a number of steeply inclined serpentinite bodies that crop out along the southeastern edge of the Barbeton greenstone belt. Deformation and associated chemical and mineralogical alteration are characteristic of this ancient tectonic regime. In Swaziland, sepentines are often found close to the large thrust faults and are extrensively replaced by talc. The Havelock body is one of the better-preserved serpentinites and the only one is Swaziland to contain economic vein chrysotile.

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition
Vein chrysotile occurs within the dark green Havelock serpentinite in three distinct pale green bodies. Apart from the main producing ore body, only the Havelock west prospect adjacent to the boarder with South Africa contains significant amounts of cross fibre.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)
Certified Concentrations

Co 4A_MICP1 82 11 ppm
Ni 4A_MICP1 1945 162 ppm
Ni XRF 2042 205 ppm
LOI LOI 15.57 1.09 %

Major Oxides
Certified Concentrations (at two Standard Deviations)

Al2O3 XRF 1.95 0.16 %
CaO XRF 0.87 0.03 %
Cr2O3 XRF 0.73 0.04 %
Fe2O3 XRF 5.40 0.085 %
MgO XRF 38.64 0.642 %
MnO XRF 0.09 0.01 %
P2O5 XRF 0.010 0.01 %
SiO2 XRF 36.68 0.207 %