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Three new UG2 standards certified

We have recently added three new UG2 standards:

AMIS0251 PGM 4E 3.17g/t UG2 West Limb ZA

AMIS0504 PGM 4E 5.22g/t UG2 West Limb ZA

AMIS0516 PGM 4E 4.14g/t UG2 West Limb ZA

Did you know AMIS has IOCG CRMs from Prominent Hill in Australia?

Iron oxide copper gold ore deposits (IOCG) are important and highly valuable concentrations of copper, gold and uranium ores hosted within an iron oxide matrix.

IOCG deposits are characterised by the presence of Cu with/without gold hosted in a hematite-matrix (iron oxide matrix). Hydrothermal fluids in a volcanic setting are responsible for the mineralisation of these deposits. The breccias and veins were formed by a repetitive hydrothermal brecciation and venting with the volcanic setting. As a result the host sequence rocks are intensely altered by hematite-sericite-chlorite-carbonate. The breccia’s are extremely iron rich and themselves comprise a huge iron resource made up of hematite and minor magnetite. The fluids contain dissolving salts capable of dissolving small amounts of Au, Ag, Cu, Fe and variety of rare earth elements (REE) minerals. Mineralisation of these deposits is found in hydrothermal veins and breccia.

Prominent Hill, together with Carrapateena, Olympic Dam, Moonta-Wallaroo and Hillside, are all IOCG mineralised systems.

AMIS has a wide range of CRMs that are certified for all of the economic elements mined at Prominent Hill (Fe, Au, Cu, Mn and Co).

For more information on these CRM certificates or pricing information, please browse our website at or contact our author, Siyanda Gumede, at or any of the AMIS team.

Remember, No Analysis without An AMIS!

New Wits Au CRMs

AMIS has recently certified two new Wits Au CRMs.

AMIS0467 Au 9.1g/t U 200ppm Wits ZA

AMIS0465 Au 14.8g/t U 249ppm Wits ZA

New Vanadium CRM Launched

AMIS launches an exciting new Vanadium CRM, AMIS0501.

Contact us for more information or visit the certificates and reports section on this site to view the certificate for more technical information.

AMIS0441 Greenstone/Sulphide Au CRM Certified

AMIS0441, Greenstone/Sulphide Au CRM certified.

Au 2.5 g/t Greenstone Taylor ZA

New Sulphide Au CRM certified

We have recently certified two new sulphide Au CRM's, one of which is ready for sale.

AMIS0440 Au 1.74g/t Greenstone South Africa.