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PGM 4E 2.20g/t Platreef South Africa

Product Code: AMIS 0500

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AMIS0500 PGM 4E 2.20g/t Platreef South Africa

Origin of Material

This is a low grade platreef material from the Bushveld complex. The material was supplied by Anglo Platinum from Mokgalakwena Mine. The lowermost Bushveld unit over much of the limb is the upper sections of the Critical Zone. A sulphide bearing composite pyroxenite layer of variable thickness occurring near the base of the main layered mafic mass is known as the Platreef and hosts the important PGE deposits with associated Cu & Ni at Mokopane where it rests on basement

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition

Platreef is a Pt/Pd/Ni/Cu ore. Mineralization in this Platreef comprises 2-5% disseminated or net textured magmatic sulphides, mainly pyrrhotite, pentlandite and chalcopyrite. The PGE’s occur as micron-sized satellite grains around but rarely within the sulphides.

Certified Concentrations

Au Pb Collection1 0.11 0.032 g/t
Pt Pb Collection1 0.890 0.16 g/t
Pd Pb Collection1 1.08 0.089 g/t
Au NiS7 0.092 0.016 g/t
Pt NiS7 0.887 0.24 g/t
Pd NiS7 1.05 0.13 g/t
Rh NiS7 0.16 0.021 g/t
Ir NiS7 0.042 0.01 g/t
Ru NiS7 0.149 0.032 g/t
Co 4A_MICP2 77.8 7.3 ppm
Co FUS6 83.0 16 ppm
Cu 4A_MICP2 891 72 ppm
Cu FUS6 891 67 ppm
Cu XRF3 801 55 ppm
Ni 4A_MICP2 1800 134 ppm
Ni FUS6 1842 193 ppm
Cr 4A_MICP2 1725 174 ppm
Cr FUS6 1921 73 ppm
SG SG5 2.96 0.11 Dimensionless
LOI LOI4 2.48 0.66 %


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gram = 1 gram




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