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PGM 4E 3.17g/t UG2 South Africa

Product Code: AMIS 0251

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AMIS0251 PGM 4E 3.17g/t UG2 South Africa

Origin of Material

The UG-2 reef is a patiniferous chromitite layer which, depending on the geographic location within the complex, is developed some 20 to 400 metres below the better known Merensky Reef. The chromite itself is usually 1m thick but can vary from 0.4 to up to 2.5 m. Thin chromite seams may be present in both the footwall and more commonly, in the hanging wall rocks (Schouwstra,, 2000).

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition

The UG-2 consists predominantly of chromite (60-90% by volume) with lesser silicate minerals (5-30 % pyroxene and 1-10 % plagioclase). Other minerals present in minor concentrations, can include the silicates, phlogopite and biotite, the oxides, ilmenite, rutile and magnetite, and base metal sulfides. Secondary minerals include quartz, serpentine and talc. The platinum group minerals present UG-2 Reef are highly variable, but generally the UG-2 is characterised by the presence of abundant PGE sulfides, comprising predominately laurite (RuOsIr sulfide), cooperrite (PtS), braggite (Pt,Pd,NiS), and an unnamed PtRhCuS (Schouwstra,, 2000).

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)

Certified Concentrations

Analyte Method
Au Pb Collection 0.18 0.04 g/t
Pt Pb Collection 1.81 0.29 g/t
Pd Pb Collection 0.979 0.14 g/t
Rh Pb Collection 0.24 0.1 g/t
Au NiS 0.17 0.02 g/t
Pt NiS 1.74 0.20 g/t
Pd NiS 0.993 0.058 g/t
Rh NiS 0.26 0.03 g/t
Ir NiS 0.10 0.02 g/t
Ru NiS 0.41 0.1 g/t
Co 4A_MICP 152 20 ppm
Co FUS 158 15 ppm
Cu 4A_MICP 309 22 ppm
Cu FUS 311 34 ppm
Cr 4A_MICP 5.87 0.36 %
Cr FUS 5.63 0.61 %
Ni 4A_MICP 1434 106 ppm
Ni FUS 1409 140 ppm
S Comb/LECO 0.196 0.031 %
SG SG 3.37 0.28 Dimensionless


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gram = 1 gram




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