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PGM 4E 5.22g/t UG2 South Africa

Product Code: AMIS 0504

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AMIS0504 PGM 4E 5.22g/t UG2 South Africa

Origin of Material

This standard was made using Pt/Pd UG2 rich chromitite material supplied by Anglo Platinum Limited from the Bushveld Complex. The UG2 Reef, the composition of which is relatively consistent throughout the BIC, is rich in chromite. Chromitite layers occur commonly in large mafic layered intrusions. A current theory is that chromitites form as a result of introduction and mixing of chemically primitive magma with a more evolved magma, which leads to supersaturation of chromite in the mixture, which in turn leads to the formation of a nearly monomineralic layer on the magma chamber floor.

Approximate Mineral and Chemical Composition

The UG2 chromitite ore consists of fine to medium size cumulus chromite grains with substantial amounts of post-cumulus orthopyroxene crystals. The footwall is a coarse grained pegmatoidal pyroxenite with sporadic occurrences of chromitite blebs, lenses and stringers. The hanging wall is predominantly fine to medium grained orthopyroxenite with three or more chromitite stringers referred to as the UG2 leaders.

Recommended Concentrations and Limits
(at two Standard Deviations)

Certified Concentrations

Analyte Method Certified(µ)
Two Standard deviation (2s) ± Unit
Au Pb Collection1 0.05 0.02 g/t
Pt Pb Collection1 2.88 0.45 g/t
Pd Pb Collection1 1.54 0.15 g/t
Au NiS5 0.039 0.01 g/t
Pt NiS5 2.99 0.21 g/t
Pd NiS5 1.57 0.06 g/t
Rh NiS5 0.614 0.049 g/t
Ir NiS5 0.235 0.010 g/t
Ru NiS5 0.968 0.059 g/t
Co 4A_MICP2 223 46 ppm
Cr XRF3 18.2 0.3 ppm
Ni 4A_MICP2 1184 114 ppm
Ni XRF3 953 654 ppm
SG SG4 3.92 0.28 Dimensionless


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gram = 1 gram




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