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U 606ppm Calcrete Langer Heinrich NA

Category: URANIUM 
Product Code: AMIS 0115

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Origin of material: This material was supplied by Paladin Energy from their Langer Heinrich Mine, 80km east of Swakopmund in Namibia. This deposit is a “calcrete deposit”; one of the surficial uranium occurrences discovered in Southern Africa during the 1970’s.   Uranium mineralization is associated with calcretization of valley-fill fluvial sediments in an extensive tertiary palaeo-channel drainage system. These sediments, also known as the Langer Heinrich Formation, comprise mainly grits and conglomerates. Detrital components include quartz- and feldspar granules, minor mica flakes as well as rock fragments derived from surrounding Proterozoic country rock.   Uranium mineralization occurs in the form of carnotite, which is a secondary uranium and vanadium mineral and has been precipitated from groundwater. Uranium as well as vanadium originates from the Proterozoic country rock, the former was most likely sourced from granites, whereas the latter was probably sourced from mafic schists.



Recommended Concentration and two “Between

Laboratory” Standard Deviations   Certified Concentrations  

U (M/ICP) 606 ± 69 ppm
U (XRF) 640


43 ppm
Ba (M/ICP) 287


28 ppm
Mn (M/ICP) 500


48 ppm
Sr (M/ICP) 196


11 ppm
V (M/ICP) 112


18 ppm
Specific Gravity 2.66


0.16 g/cc

  Provisional Concentrations  

Co (M/ICP) 6.0


1.3 ppm
Cr (M/ICP) 117


32 ppm
Cu (M/ICP) 31


6 ppm
Ni (M/ICP) 271


55 ppm
P (M/ICP) 408


70 ppm
S (M/ICP) 0.037


0.006 %
Zn (M/ICP) 46


9 ppm
Zr (M/ICP) 48


14 ppm

    For additional information please download the certificate




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gram = 1 gram




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